Greetings! Welcome to my page! My goal on this site is to spread information on a variety of subject all to help heal the mind, body and soul. I am a blood witch, coming from a long line of healers. I am a psychic empath as well as a tarot card reader. I offer tarot and passed life readings. To book a reading, please reference the services page! My family focuses on herb lore, folk magic, divination, spell work and mediumship. Therefore, on this page you will see a lot of information on the magic of herbs and crystals, different pagan Sabbaths and how to celebrate them simply, and practical magic for yourself and your home. Along with my path in witchcraft, I am also working towards a certification to teach yoga, a life long devotee of natural healing, a practitioner of Buddhist principles and meditation, and a constant student of food medicine. I’m always fascinated by our bodies and how to have them operating at full capacity. With that said, I also like to integrate these types of subjects on here. So I hope that you can take away some thing from my knowledge on here but if nothing vibes with you, I’m happy to have shared the inner workings of my mind with you!

Blessed Be!


Disclaimer: I am a witch. Light and darkness encompasses me. I do not filter what kind of information I feel compelled to share. Please don’t use any information on my site to hurt someone. Celebrating and working with shadow is one thing but manipulating dark forces to your benefit is another thing. And that will not be accepted on my site. Thank you for your respect.



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